Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Year of Living Frugally
Live Cheap, Die Rich
These are a couple of titles my incredibly imaginative imagination came-up with when I decided to blog about a a change I have recently made in my life (Small Change). There are, however, several reasons why they quite simply just do not work - without walking through the boring grammatical issues, I'll admit the main problem with them is that they do not embody the truth. Here it is: I have made a decision to buy no personal, accessory-type items for myself for 12 months - purses, shoes, clothes, books, cds. I am just under 40 days into the pursuit of lightening my load, and have made no such purchases. Now, this was not done for any sort of alturistc reason (it isn't as though I am now giving more money to charity or anything of that ilk); frankly, I am running out of room, and I just do not need anything else. Happily, I have discovered there is more expendable cash to point toward other things that make life more pleasant - added features on my cell phone, an expanded cable line-up, turning on the heat. It is painfully obvious that I have either decided that I can treat myself better or that I am allowed certain extravagances - maybe I'm just trading one thing for another, but at least I don't need to rush out for more hangers.

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